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PEG (Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy)

PEG stands for percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy, a procedure in which a flexible feeding tube is placed through the abdominal wall and into the stomach. PEG allows nutrition, fluids and/or medications to be put directly into the stomach, bypassing the mouth and esophagus. This brochure will give you a basic understanding of the procedure-how it is performed, how it can help, and what side effects you might experience.


How is the PEG performed?

Your doctor will use a lighted flexible tube called an endoscope to guide the creation of a small opening through the skin of the upper abdomen and directly into the stomach. This procedure allows the doctor to place and secure a feeding tube into the stomach.

Patients generally receive an intravenous sedative and local anesthesia, and an antibiotic is given by vein prior to the procedure. Patients can usually go home the day of the procedure or the next day.


Post-procedure care

– At the hospital

Your care team will watch for complications as you recover. Care may include:

  • Medicine to ease pain or stop blood clots
  • Encouraging you to get up and walk as soon as possible

During your stay, the care team will take steps to lower your chances of infection such as:

  • Wash their hands.
  • Wear gloves or masks.
  • Keep your incisions covered.

There are also steps you can take to lower your chances of infection such as:

  • Wash your hands often. Remind visitors to do the same.
  • Remind your care team to wear gloves or masks.
  • Do not allow others to touch your tube.
– At home

You will need to:

  • Take care of the PEG tube. This includes changing the dressing and cleaning the around the site. You will also need to watch for signs of infection.
  • Follow nutrition plan given by your care team.

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