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Endoscopic Variceal Banding

Endoscopic variceal banding (or ligation) is a process in which theĀ doctor uses an endoscope to place an elastic ring that looks like a rubber band around an enlarged vein. Banding the vein in this manner will cut off blood flow through the vein.

When Is Variceal Banding Necessary?

Individuals who have varices are at an increased risk of vessel enlargement. As vessels become larger within the gastrointestinal tract, they become more dangerous. The walls of the vessels begin to thin as pressure builds within them. In some cases, they can burst, causing internal bleeding in the upper GI tract. In addition, superficial blood vessels located in the GI tract can also become swollen and leak blood. Variceal banding is one of the ways doctors can treat these vessels with the goal of preventing or treating rupture.

What Happens During Variceal Banding?

Variceal banding is a type of endoscopic procedure. It does not require major surgery. In this procedure, bands are placed around the varices located in the esophagus. This is done using a thin, very flexible and long tube called an endoscope. It allows the doctor to see what is happening internally. The banding process works to stop the potential for rupture and can help to stop bleeding already present as a result.

Why Is Variceal Banding Used?

If bleeding is present or if there is evidence that these small vessels are swollen, the risk of rupture are high. This means that you could lose blood and you may suffer from long-term complications. However, variceal banding as an endoscopic treatment is very straightforward and minimally invasive. It can be performed in most outpatient centers and hospitals.

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