Laparoscopic Duodenal Perforation Surgeon in Pune

Laparoscopic Duodenal Perforation Surgeon in Pune

Duodenal Perforation

Duodenal Perforation is one of the very common in almost every age group. This is caused due to excessive smoking, intake of alcohol and use of NSAID. It is a type of complicated duodenal ulcer. At Dr. Sandhya Bade’s Hospital, there is advanced Laparoscopy facility available that help in providing safe and sure treatment of Duodenal Perforation. There are experienced doctors who are acknowledged for their success in Duodenal Perforation Surgery in Pune. 

Diagnosis is made clinically and confirmed by the presence of pneumoperitoneum on radiographs. Non-operative management is successful in patients identified to have a spontaneously sealed perforation proven by water-soluble contrast gastroduodenogram. For most of the patients of perforation of duodenal ulcers, the preferred treatment is its immediate surgical repair. 

Perforated duodenal ulcer is a surgical emergency. Laparoscopic repair of duodenal perforation is a useful method for reducing hospital stay, complications, and return to normal activity. In many elegantly designed and meticulously executed prospective randomized trial, the laparoscopic approach in the management of perforated peptic ulcer disease has been compared to the open approach. Studies validate that a laparoscopic approach is safe, feasible, and with morbidity and mortality comparable to that of the open approach. With better training in minimal access surgery now available, the time has arrived for it to take its place in the surgeon’s repertoire.

Laparoscopic approach has the following advantages:

•    Cosmetically better outcome
•    Less tissue dissection and disruption of tissue planes
•    Less pain postoperatively
•    Low intraoperatively and postoperative complications
•    Early return to work.

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