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Paraphimosis is a medical emergency. It happens to people who have partially circumcised or completely uncircumcised penises. The foreskin becomes trapped behind the head of the penis and can’t be pulled down to cover the end of the penis. This painful condition is serious and can cut off circulation to the tip of your penis.

Paraphimosis is a serious condition that can happen only to people who have penises and who haven’t been circumcised. (Circumcision is when the foreskin of the penis is removed, usually in the first few days after birth.) Paraphimosis happens when the foreskin gets stuck behind the head of the penis. It can’t be pulled back down into a normal position. Paraphimosis can happen to any uncircumcised penis. It is most common in younger and older people. It is a medical emergency and needs to be treated quickly.

Symptoms of Paraphimosis

The main symptoms of paraphimosis include:

  • Not being able to pull the foreskin back to its normal position
  • Swelling of the end of the penis
  • Discomfort and pain

Other symptoms could include:

  • Redness and tenderness
  • Trouble urinating

What Causes of Paraphimosis

Uncircumcised people sometimes pull the foreskin back during sex, when they go to the bathroom, or when they clean their penises. Doctors and nurses might pull the foreskin back when they examine the penis or put in a catheter. Sometimes you, a doctor, or a nurse might forget to pull the foreskin back down. If the foreskin is left behind the head of the penis too long, your penis might swell so much that the foreskin is trapped behind it.

Other causes of paraphimosis:

  • An infection. This can happen when the area is not washed well.
  • An injury to the area. Injury can happen from vigorous sex, a piercing, scarring from repeated infection, or an insect or spider bite.
  • circumcision that wasn’t done correctly.
  • Diabetes, which can cause chronic inflammation of the penis and foreskin.

What Are the Potential Complications of Paraphimosis

Paraphimosis may lead to serious complications if it isn’t treated quickly.The condition can cause reduced blood flow in the penis, which deprives the tissues of oxygen. When this happens, paraphimosis can result in:

  • a severe infection
  • damage to the tip of the penis
  • gangrene, or tissue death, resulting in the loss of the tip of the penis

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