Eating a healthy diet rich in high-fiber whole foods can help to treat and prevent piles by preventing constipation.
How does fibers prevent constipation?
One requires both fibers soluble & insoluble. Insoluble fibers (rich sources are vegetable & fruits) increases the bulk of stool as it don’t dissolve in water & Soluble fibers (rich sources are whole grain such as oats & bean) soften the stool as it dissolves in water. So both these fibers cause easy, fast, and smooth passage of stool from the colon to prevent constipation.

Few example of good sources of fibers are,
1) Wheat bran, oats
2) Whole wheat bread, & cereals
3) Lentils – lema beans, split beans, cheackpea
4) Barley
5) Beans
6) Artichokes
7) Broccoli
8) Tomato
9) Corn
10) Apple
11) Prunes – Dried plum
12) Pears
13) Berries – Blackberries, Raspberries, Strawberries
14) Kiwis
15) Citrus Fruits – Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit
16) Sweet Potato, Potato- cooked/baked skin